With love since 2015



MADBRIDAL starts in 2015 by the hands of Madalena Braga.


Madalena is from Lisbon, loves to travel, and to get acquainted and inspired by different cultures, art and heritages. That is what drives her on the daily basis to tackle her professional challenges.


Characterized by her innate creativity and taste, she graduated from Fashion Design at FAL, and has worked in several projects  and brands, which helped her trace and unique style. 

In 2016 Madalena meets Inês Freitas, also a Fashion Designer graduated from ESAD, with a master's degree in Textile Pattern Design at FAL.

Born in O'porto, Inês has lived  and worked in Rio de Janeiro, where she matured her interest and skills regarding textile design, such as patterns and embroideries. Her fashion background coupled with her curiosity for art and graphic design resulted in a timeless style that translates to her work in a unique and creative way.

Together, they develop exclusive bridal garments and collections. They are all made in Portugal, as carefully and attentive to detail as possible, since they believe that is the key to their success.